Review Guidelines


I usually read these genres: YA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Fairytales, and some historical fiction. If your book does not fit into one of these categories, that’s okay-go ahead and send a request and I will evaluate it. All review requests are at my discretion.

I accept ebooks (In Kindle or Mobi format) and hard copy (paperback or hardcover) ARCs. I do not pay to review books, and I expect the author or publisher to cover all costs (including shipping). I do not send ARCs back to the publisher or author.

I am committed to giving an honest review-but not an insulting one. If I did not like the book, I will say so-but I will not tear into the author or be unkind. Reviews are typically posted to my blog, Goodreads, and the book review site, Full of Books. I also have an option for the review to be posted to Amazon as well.

Reviews for blog tours, or reviews that need to be posted by a certain date require 2 weeks advance notice.


I review books based on a five star system:

1 star-Absolutely loathed it…never, ever read it again. Warn away all my friends, etc. Or DNF-ed, due to offensive content or bad writing.

2 star-At least I read it. Or most of it, anyway. Not great, but someone else might like it. Or DNF-ed, again due to content or writing.

3 star-Meh. It was alright, but not one I would rave about.

4 star-I really liked this book, and it was a great read.

5 star-Off the charts amazing! Will fangirl to everyone about how fantastic this book is.

When I take off a star, it is usually due to content that does not meet my standards, although it occasionally is due to interest level or writing.

I understand that content that is offensive to me may not be offensive to you, so I try to give a detailed breakdown of content along with specific details. For example, this is from my review of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

“Recommendation:17 and up (for mature and discerning readers due to concerning content)

Language: 6/10 (Not a lot of profanity, but a variety of bad words are definitely there. Worth breaking out the trusty sharpie.)
Violence:6/10 (Some disturbing scenes of injury and self-harm, and a murder.)
Sexual Content:10/10 (There is a sex scene on page, and the romance seems more like lust at first sight than real love. Based very much on physical touching and attraction. Another character is implied to be homosexual. A few insinuating remarks.)”


If you would like me to read and review your book, I ask that you please follow these guidelines:

NO explicit sex scenes.

MINIMAL profanity.

NO gruesome guts-and-gore type violence.

Overall, keep it clean.


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading and reviewing your book!