My Books

My picture book-Best Friends-is about a girl and her horse. You can find it on Amazon and Createspace.



My first novel-tentatively titled Stained Glass-is still in progress. I hope to release it sometime 2016, but this depends on how the publishing process goes.

I have finally fixed upon a description of the genre it is set in-it is a historical fantasy. “What the heck is that?” most of you are probably wondering.

Well, in short, its a fantasy novel, but the only thing that makes it fantasy is the fact that it is not set in this world. No magic, no mythical creatures, nada.

Here’s the back cover summary that I came up with:

“Lissia, the shy daughter of an earl, lives in a kingdom named Glass. Her desire is to be the perfect daughter, making up for the mistakes that got her sister exiled in the past. When she wins the Scholarship, she has a chance to prove her family’s honor at the Royal Academy. However, all is not as it seems…what is wrong with the king and Parliament? And when her heart is torn between love, loyalty, and justice, what will she decide?”

Interested? I hope so. I am considering putting together a beta reader team. (Not sure what a beta reader is? Check it out here.) If this is something that interests you, please comment and let me know. If enough people are interested, I will consider releasing copies to a select few for reading and critiquing. Thanks!