Review: Twinepathy by C.B. Cook

Twinepathy (IDIA #1)Twinepathy by C.B. Cook

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one was really fun! Though it did have some writing issues, such as plot holes, logic problems, and iffy characterization, it was very entertaining and kept my curiosity. A solid 3.5 stars.

What I liked:
1. Blaze. C’mon, how can you not like him?
2. Superpowers. ‘Nuff said. But really, there was a good variety of different kinds of powers. Very creative uses of those powers as well–a lot of them I wouldn’t have thought of. I wish some had been better explained (like Anvil’s), but maybe the next book will clear some things up.
3. IDIA. I found it interesting how it was set up in a hierarchy of sorts. I’d like to learn some of the backstory of how it got set up.
4. The narration. This was kind of a mixed bag for me, as sometimes I enjoyed Albany’s narration, and other times it got annoying. However, I liked it more than I didn’t, so I’m putting it under the “like” category.

What I didn’t like:
1. Lack of information and/or explanation. I NEED ANSWERS! Ahem–please?
2. Denver’s character. He just seemed to behave kind of oddly for an older brother.
3. All the lying. I really wish they would have just told the parents the truth in the first place. And they didn’t seem to have a whole lot of problems with lying, either.
4. (view spoiler)
5. (view spoiler)

Wrap up: While I did have some issues with the writing quality and content, I found the book to be very entertaining on the whole. I’m looking forward to reading the next addition in the series–Lightporter–and I’m hoping that it will give me some answers to the many, many questions I have after reading Twinepathy.

Rating: 3.5 stars.

Recommended: Yes. Ages 8 and up.

Content guide:
Language: 0/10
Sexual Content: 0/10
Violence: 6/10 (battle–both good guys and bad guys die. little value placed on human life. some injuries–non-graphic.)

*Many thanks to the author for providing a copy to review!*

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