Review: Intermission by Serena Chase

IntermissionIntermission by Serena Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh man. Serena Chase really knows how to write–and she doesn’t pull her punches, either. Intermission was like an ice-cold shower–painful, breath-stealing, agonizing…but at the same time, renewing.

I’m not gonna lie–this book was hard to read. It hurt. But it was worth it. The perseverance, love and sheer hope that it inspires you with is worth the tissues. Trust me.

The characters stole the show–sorry, couldn’t help it–and they are what drove the story. Faith and Noah are so real–imperfect, lovable, and piecing themselves together. I could connect with Faith so much. She was the heart and soul of the entire book.

The plot was both heart-breaking and hopeful, revolving around the character’s interactions with each other. You just knew things were not going to go well, and you just wanted to reach right into the pages and rescue those poor souls. But oh, it was worth it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Not much world building in this one, but I was fine with that. This book is all about the characters.

Intermission deals with some really tough and painful issues–such as abuse, both emotional and physical. Serena Chase handled it all well. She didn’t tactlessly and graphically plow through the issues, but neither did she tiptoe around them either. Because this is such a heavy, heavy book, I recommend it for 16 and up.

One nit-pick–I would have like to see Faith’s spiritual life develop more. It was touched on, but I felt like it needed more importance.

Overall: this was an emotional tear-jerker, but it wasn’t overpowered by despair. Intermission had notes of hope, love, and most of all perseverance. It’s heavy, but worth it.

Rating: 5 stars

Recommended: 16 and up. Some mature themes and difficult topics.

Content guide (may contain minor spoilers):

Language 4/10 (obscene name calling related to accusations of sleeping around–not deserved)
Sexual Content 7/10 (kissing and embracing. Character is mentioned as being loose, and a wild parties. Condoms, STDs, and pregnancy tests all come up. Characters are accused of sexual activity. Character is forced to go to a women’s clinic for testing for STDs and pregnancy testing–later described as indirect physical abuse.)
Violence 4/10 (emotional abuse, and indirect and direct physical abuse.)

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