Book Spotlight & Tour: Defy by Tricia Mingerink


Hello Everyone! I am excited to share the news with you: Today is the first day of the blog tour for Defy, book 3 in the Blades of Acktar! To see other stops on the tour, click here.

Defy will be released May 31st.

To get a copy of Defy (or the first two books in the series), check Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local book retailer.

For Dare (book 1) and Deny (book 2), check out the giveaways found here and here.

About the Author

Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog.


Shhhh….for those who are impatient (like me) for Defy’s release, a sneak peek can be found here.


Samara’s Peril: Blog Tour

It’s May 13th, and if you have been following my reviews, you know that I promised a surprise today…tada! It’s the Samara’s Peril Blog Tour, with a giveaway! I hope you enjoy all the fun info about the author and the book, as well as an excerpt and my review of the book.


Jaye L. Knight’s newest novel, Samara’s Peril, has been released! Samara’s Peril is the third book in the Christian fantasy series, Ilyon Chronicles. Read about it below and be sure to check out the other blog stops on the tour by visiting the official tour page. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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About the Book

When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist, it signals potential doom for the country of Samara. Determined to intervene, the resistance in Landale, headed by Lady Anne, embark on a covert mission in hopes of unearthing further information. However, a shocking discovery leads to complications no one could have foreseen.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, they set out for Samara to warn the king. War is inevitable, and they must face two desperate battles—one on the walls of Samara’s great stronghold, and the other on the battlefield of Jace’s heart, where victory might only be achievable through great sacrifice.

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks!

About the Author

JayeAuthor2015Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Etsy.

Excerpt & Review

I am beyond excited to have had the opportunity to read and review Samara’s Peril, the third book in the Ilyon Chronicles. Many thanks, Jaye! I am sure many of you have seen my reviews for Resistance (book 1) and The King’s Scrolls (book 2), which I re-read recently in preparation for today, and have been looking forward to the next book. Without further ado, allow me to present you a small snippet from the book, and then my review.

” “I think she’s in love with you.”

Kaden shot Trev a dark look in answer to his amused tone and grin. Though Jace tried, he couldn’t hold back his own amusement, even if it was at Kaden’s expense. He was just glad he wasn’t the one Tina had set her sights on. He wasn’t equipped to handle that awkward situation.

Kaden grumbled under his breath and sat down hard on his bed, where he flopped back against the pillow.

Aaron leaned casually against the doorframe. “She’s quite a talker.”

Kaden scrubbed his hands over his face and released a low groan. “If I have to hide in this room the whole time we’re here, I’ll lose my mind.”

“Not as fast as you would out there.” Aaron gestured over his shoulder, earning a chorus of chuckles.

Grabbing the pillow, Kaden chucked it at him. “A lot of help you are.”

As Aaron bent down for it, Rayad returned to the room from meeting with Anne and Kyrin. The mood changed immediately, and Jace straightened. He needed to know about Kyrin. He hadn’t slept well last night, not knowing for sure if she was safe. How could he protect her if he couldn’t even be on the same floor as her? “


Wow. Okay, I know I said this before in my review of Resistance and The King’s Scrolls, but Jaye L. Knight never ceases to amaze me. This book blew me away with all that was revealed.

First of all, the plot blind-sided me from the beginning. Most of it came as a surprise to me-and that’s a pretty hard thing to do. There was a lot I wasn’t expecting, and some interesting twists that I wasn’t too sure about. I’m curious to see where Jaye takes them in the next books.

Also, watching the characters develop was an amazing adventure. Some of my favorites-Jace, Kyrin, Kaden, etc had to go through some interesting situations which either made me want to laugh out loud or burst into tears.

I enjoyed watching the characters mature as well-after all, they are getting older, and hopefully wiser!-especially in their faith, and I look forward to seeing more of them in upcoming books.

As for content, this book did deal with some darker and more mature themes. Violence, some of it slightly graphic, and a bit of sexual references (non-descriptive) are a part of it, and also some dark and depressing moments in the character’s spiritual lives. I would recommend this book for ages 16 and up.

Here comes my tell-all for the book, so if you don’t want to know everything that happens, then skip the spoilers.

*MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD* In order to view spoilers, use your cursor to select the text from here to the end spoilers note.

 Some of the surprises I probably should have been expecting-but wasn’t: We get to learn about Jace’s family-the human side. Jace finally comes to terms with himself and finds peace with Elôm. Jace finally reveals his love for Kyrin, and she reveals her love for him. (I am seriously hoping they get married in following books!) Timothy reveals an attraction for Leetra-but we don’t find out whether it’s one-sided or not. I think the biggest surprise though was the allegory. This book really brings into focus Elôm and his plan for Ilyon. Following a biblical parallel, the characters must sacrifice a lamb for forgiveness, while hoping for the Perfect Lamb to one day make the ultimate sacrifice. Then we meet Elon, the Son of Elôm, who becomes that sacrifice-not only for the people of Ilyon, but also personally for Jace’s sake. After the battle for Samara at Stonehelm-which is tragically lost (but thankfully none of the main characters die)-Elon appears to the group from Landale alive once more. He then ascends to his father, and the Holy Spirit descends on his followers. I felt like the whole Jesus-parallel was a little rushed, especially towards the end, but it was an interesting touch I wasn’t expecting. It will be interesting to see where Jaye takes this in the following books.


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Surprise in the mail…

Look who arrived in the mail today…

Parvin Blackwater


I was excited to see this little surprise arrive in the mail. For those who don’t know, this is Parvin Blackwater from the Out of Time series. Nadine Brandes was able to work with the Happy Hello Etsy Shop to create a set of these adorable bookmarks. To see all of them, click here.


Many thanks Nadine! ninja




Review of The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight

The King's Scrolls (Ilyon Chronicles, #2)The King’s Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jaye, you outdid yourself with this one. Wow, what an emotional rollercoaster! This book was a lot more intense than the last one, and it didn’t let up until the last few pages. Just when they had gotten themselves out of one harrowing situation, they fell right into another. Two thumbs up for all the excitement and tension! I had the hardest time putting this book down, even though it was my second time reading it.

The only note I have about possible improvement would be Kyrin’s Grandfather. (view spoiler)

Ms. Knight did an excellent job juggling the enormous cast of characters that filled The King’s Scrolls. Each character was unique and distinct enough that I never got them mixed up. The only confusing part with the characters was when (view spoiler)

I can’t wait to read the next book, and see what happens to all my favorite characters. (view spoiler)

Content-wise, there seemed to be more violence and intense peril than the last book. (view spoiler) No language, and no sexual content. For fans of the Ilyon Chronicles though, be warned-this book will make your eyes mist up and pull on your heartstrings. I’m giving The King’s Scrolls 5 stars and recommending it to ages 13 and up.

Reminder: Stay tuned for a surprise on my blog May 13th!

(Blog note: to view spoilers, see the actual review on Goodreads.)

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