Self-editing…yet another name for torture

I never knew how hard it could be to try to edit your own manuscript…until I tried it myself. Yeesh, what a mess.

It’s like my brain shuts off as soon as I try to read it through-autopilot kicks in and I start skimming.

Thankfully, I’ve found some helpful articles on the process-such as Nadine Brandes’, which can be found here. This other article on how her manuscript becomes a book was also great. (Loved the gif from Emperor’s New Groove. ;))

Still, it’s soooo much easier to have someone else read it and help point out things you may have missed. Speaking of which, I am considering putting together a beta-reader team for Stained Glass. Comment and let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Btw, I have finally fixed upon a description of the genre it is set in-it is a period novel with a fantasy setting. “What the heck is that?” most of you are probably wondering.

Well, in short, its a fantasy novel, but the only thing that makes it fantasy is the fact that it is not set in this world. No magic, no mythical creatures, nada.

Still trying to come up with a suitable summary, but here’s a quick teaser.

The main character is a girl. She lives in a land named Glass-a sort of cross between England and France in a time period similar to the Georgian Era. It features themes of love, betrayal, self-sacrifice, and standing up for what is right.

Hopefully this has you all chomping at the bit to read it-I know I can’t wait to hear what you all think once it is done!


One thought on “Self-editing…yet another name for torture

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  1. I’m definitely exited! The more I hear the more I want the whole finished book in my hands to dig into! 🙂 And yes, self-editing is——-well, torture. >:D It has me angry-happy right now. Funny enough, I think I wrote my story well, but my “About the Author” page was really hard to write and looks lousy. But whatever, people want to read my story and not about me. 🙂


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