I’m Gabrielle Nadig.

I’m a book dragon. Barista. Ballerina. One of God’s WIPs.

I’m an author, homeschool graduate, and voracious reader. Words are my passion, and I believe books can change the world.

Besides writerly and readerly pursuits, I love art (of all kinds), community, and family. And possibly drinking far more coffee than my caffeine tolerance will allow.

“At another time she asked, ‘what is a soul?’ 

‘No one knows,’ I replied; ‘but we know it is not the body, and it is that part of us which thinks and loves and hopes’…[and] is invisible…

‘But if I write what my soul thinks,’ she said, ‘then it will be visible, and the words will be its body.’ ” 

― William Gibson, The Miracle Worker

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